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Bespoke candles

We can help.

If you require one of our simple custom candle packages or a fully customised service. We’re more than happy to help.

With over 15 years of candle making under our belts. We know exactly what it takes to make a quality candle for you needs.

We can help you make candles for your
Own brand

Get in touch and well be happy to find the perfect package for you.

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We know what it takes to stand out. Thats why our team of designers will be happy to talk you through your requirements and set about bringing you vision to life.


Packaging is just as key as the product when trying to attract attention. With over 66% of people stating that they bought a new product based upon packaging alone. 

Our packaging experts can help develop the perfect way to make an impact on the shelf. 

We have 100’s of different fragrances available in stock for you to choose from, but if you’d prefer a fragrance designed especially for you. Our perfumer can sniff out the perfect combination of aromas for your needs.
Our team take the greatest care while making candles. Ensuring that each candle lives up to our impecable standards and our rigorous quality control practices, mean than any candles that dont meet the criteria never make it out of the factory.  
Ethical practices
Where possible we aim to use only use quality ingredients that do not impact our enviroment negatively.

We are experts in Soy wax and the benefits of using it to make candles. We even offer price reductions to make it easier for you to choose the right wax for you candle.
We also make Soaps, shampoos and room diffusers.
If it smells nice. Then we can make it.

Oil diffusers, Moisturiser, shampoo, Hand wash.

Our state of the art equipment and team expertese means that we are able to make a variety of different scented products to meet you needs.
The bottom line
We understand that often the most important part of choosing who makes your products is down to price and quality.

Thats why we are confident that we are the best value manufacturer of candles in the UK. While still producing exceptional candles as standard.

Ask us for quote and we’re certain well be the best choice for you.
“Amazing quality and excellent service”
“The best value for money i’ve seen”

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